Quality is a part of our organization policy, quality is an in build mandatory element on all our deliverables from top to bottom on all the areas such as our infrastructure, our people, our projects and our deliverables. Our solutions on all the aspects provides world-class solutions and services to our Customers, around the world.

We constantly implement, monitor and track the process improvements initiatives within the organization and feedback from our employees, customers and vendors.

Proven Project Management techniques, rigorous Quality Assurance processes, Development Standards, Defect Management systems & automated Configuration Management ensures consistency of world-class deliverables. Customer satisfaction, Project Deliveries, and, other key operational parameters are measured at regular monthly intervals to ensure that stringent ‘delivery’ standards are maintained and adhered to.

Benefits derived

  • Improved efficiency by reducing defect rates leading to on time delivery
  • Expect accurate estimates of size, schedule and effort using models developed with  historical data
  • Savings in cost of rework by early detection of defects
  • Better management of risk, resources and cost

Each solution at eApps Mantra adheres to a strictly defined process and quality procedures