BI Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting Services

eApps uses advanced business intelligence tools to deliver best-in-class data warehouse, reporting and data mining solutions. We partner with your team to develop and implement custom solutions that arm leaders with reliable information needed to make informed business decisions.

Solutions That Improve Your Performance and Profitability

Our industry-recognized team of BI experts delivers first-class solutions that enable your organization to perform at a higher level by leveraging the right information to do the right things. Among the services eApps provides:

  • Data Warehouse: We partner with clients in the development of data marts or a single data warehouse to bring key metrics and information together in a central location using the speed and power of Advanced Integration Services.
  • Analysis: eApps helps organizations use Advanced Analysis Services to store preprocessed aggregates of data and optimize data retrieval, enabling an extremely large data warehouse to be tamed to allow effective reporting and even interactive analysis.
  • Reporting:eApps leverages Advanced Reporting Services to create reports and dashboards containing a wide variety of chart and gauge formats to distill meaning from extensive business data and turn information into answers.