Self Services Application

Overview of Oracle Self-Service Applications

The Oracle Self-Service Web Applications, extend the functionality of Oracle E-Business Suite by adding a browser-based walk-up-and-use functionality that supplements Oracle E-Business Suite.

  • Self-Service Expenses
  • Self-Service Human Resources
  • Internet Procurement
  • Internet Receivables
  • Self-Service Time
  • Web Suppliers
  • iStore
  • iPayment
  • iSupport
  • iMarketing
  • eTravel

Oracle Self-Service Web Applications can be either inquiry or transactional. Inquiry modules read but do not update the Oracle E-Business Suite database; transactional modules update the database.

Oracle Self-Service Web Applications Architecture

The architecture consists of the following components:

  • A web browser
  • Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache
  • HTML documents
  • Java Server Pages JavaBeans and Servlets